Stephanie is passionate about sharing music with young people and often goes to schools to help educate and inspire the students about music.


Godstowe School, May 2016

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Music Outreach in Southern France

Outreach in the South of France

Stephanie and cellist Jonathan Bloxham visited a primary school in the south of France to deliver a musical outreach program. The children learned about musical rhythm and the ranges of the various instruments. With just a short visit they sparked an entire group of children to better appreciate classical music. And many of them went home and said, “I want to play the violin!”

Godstowe School, England May 2016

Stephanie’s very first piano teacher, Amira Faoud, teaches music at Godstowe School in England and following the BBC String Finals invited Stephanie to give a recital.  The music hall was packed with excited young girls who had all watched the videos of the BBC String Final. Following a 45 minute recital and Q&A from the girls, they all crowded round for autographs. As one little girl said on her way out, “I want to play like Stephanie!”